• Now it’s all a competitive world and emerging markets with new strategies every day.
  • It has become obligatory for a company or an organization to advertise about their product or services through suitable medium.
  • Advertising campaigns assist to improve their presence and to get potential customers.
  • Signboard advertising is native, effective and fast-growing advertising campaign in the outdoor advertising market.
  • Signboards are huge, well-tailored and attention seekers of mass population.
  • Signboard advertising provides your brands motto and information in a short message to the audience at a glance.
  • Signboards placed in strategic locations helps to drive huge traffic and sales for brands from targeted customers.
  • They create a long-lasting impression on audience which helps to notify your brands.
  • If you are looking for advertising medium to convey visual information which is accessible to every audience signboard advertising is a great medium.


  • Ikar has already proved as best in signboard advertising offering successful campaigns to 100+ clients in the market.
  • Ikar has signboards placed in planned locations of high exposure to your brands in major parts of the city.
  • Our skilled team always focuses on design and business requirements of the client and guide to choose best medium for your product or services.
  • Run unique billboard advertising campaign with ikar and reach your market goals in a short period. Reach us today!