• Hoarding Advertising is a very effective channel of Outdoor advertising.
  • They transforming outlook of Cities, Towns, Malls visibly by reaching greater masses at places of work, live and Socialize.
  • Billboard can market your product simply at a glance by everyone who comes across it.
  • They are huge and eye catchy so the audience can’t avoid looking to your ad.
  • You will be guaranteed to get a high reach of the audience by targeting display location for your campaign with hoarding advertising.
  • Now digital billboards are a trend which is a great innovation to bring you more customers for your product or service.


  • We always stand best in Outdoor advertising and Unique. And expertise in Implementing all OOH ad formats.
  • Ikar is more creative and innovative in planning strategy for your Brands to get high visibility and reach in the audience.
  • We have hoardings strategically placed in major parts of the city for your brands to get high attention of the potential customers.
  • We have unique team members who follows current marketing trends to guide you for choosing the best campaign specifically for your brands to get right customers.
  • Ikar always works with commitment and put its principles in first place, our client base and projects prove it.
  • Associate with us to boost up your brand sales and services by Outdoor advertising. Call us today!