iKAR Advertising gives brands what they need. Attention. Visibility. Cost-effective outdoor advertising solutions. Our Customer First philosophy makes us place our clients at the pinnacle of our priorities and we prove it by advertising brands in a way that meets their financial and business goals. It has resulted in clients regarding us as trustworthy and highly proficient. Over the last two decades, we have helped local, regional and national brands bridge the gap between them and their consumers.

  • Our perseverance has resulted in brands getting noticed across geographical and cultural boundaries giving them an exposure like never before.
  • iKAR Advertising has its headquarters situated in the city of Hyderabad with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.
  • We pride ourselves on the presence of numerous hoardings in Hyderabad Telangana region which have been put up by us to connect brands with people.
  • Along with increasing brand visibility through outdoor advertising, we have also expanded our expertise to include digital marketing among the services offered by our company.
  • It is our strong belief that besides traditional marketing, brands also need digital marketing to gain a competitive edge.

Our experience in the field of advertising has helped us evolve into a leading and successful outdoor advertising company.