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Why you should Advertise on Hoardings

  • In India, most people spend time out of the home on traveling from one place to other, on way to work, visit amusement places. Outdoor advertising is the only way to connect with those audiences.
  • Hoarding advertising is the best form of outdoor media to connect with those mobile audiences with your brand ads.
  • It is an effective way to generate brand awareness for your brands in a short period of time.

Ad can’t avoid:

  • Hoardings are of different sizes and shapes typically 14 by 11 feet and 15 by 48 feet depending upon the brand’s requirement.
  • Your ad placed on those huge hoardings for 24hrs a day and whole week generates a huge amount of reach as an audience can’t ignore looking at.
  • It will cause more engagement if your brand message is creatively unique with an attractive design.
  • Hoarding advertisements with a favorable message to a customer can generate leads to your business.

New strategy:

  • Now digital billboards or hoarding is a new and innovative strategy to attract more attention of the audience which can create a better impression of your brands.
  • You can convey more stories of your brand on a single board as an attractive carousel which has a greater impact even from long distances.

Target audience:

  • With strategically placed hoardings by evaluating customer behavior you can drive potential customers to your business. 
  • Hoarding ads near shopping malls, restaurants with customer needy content can lead to immediate sales.


  • Compared to other ooh media hoarding advertising is a cost-effective solution for advertising your brands.
  • They can be acquired for targeted location and for some time period depends upon campaign reduces extra media expenses.
  • Your brand can receive more impressions compared to other media formats in a low amount spend


  • From the reference of the above metrics, we can say that outdoor advertising not only grabs the attention of the audience but it can convert them to potential customers.
  • For successful ooh campaigns for your product or services please give us a call our team is glad to assist you.


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