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Why Brands choose Airport Advertising

  • Though we have digitally evolved in many marketing techniques OOH advertising has its own space and impact.
  • With the innovation of digital billboards, outdoor advertising has taken a new turn by the increase in the use of digital billboards by big players in the market.
  • Airport advertising is an effective channel of outdoor media to capture Luxury audience and business people.

Affluent audience:

  • 80% of the audience at the airport are affluent and enjoy ads at the airport as they consider shopping as part of traveling.
  • It is a great platform for brands of Luxury products to grab the attention of potential customers.

International reach:

  • It is the only platform where you can target both professionals and business people from different countries.
  • International brands can get high brand visibility and reach a captive audience.

Huge dwell time:

  • The audience at the airport associates a high lifestyle interested in business and product updates receive your brand message with a receptive mindset.
  • With a long period of time at the airport, it helps brands to engage with the audience with their unique brand story or message which creates a greater impact.
  • It helps to build brand awareness.

Drive sales:

  • Airport advertising helps to drive ROI as it reaches an affluent audience who can make a choice of a decision of purchase.
  • It helps to increase sales of brands as frequent flyers shop for food/beverages, travel accessories, and technology products by seeing ads at the airport.


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