• The Outdoor Advertising industry is developing and changing day to day by innovative ideas and new strategies of ooh ad formats to grab the interest of Advertisers.
  • It has its own and more impact on the audience when compared to other advertising mediums like Television ads, Magazine ads, etc.
  • Uni pole advertising is the best and common ooh advertising medium to convey your brand’s short message to the audience out of a home on the way to job, shop, and travel.
  • It is a suitable medium for Event campaign, New product launch since it is capable of drawing the attention of a huge audience.
  • ¬†With a unique and attractive design and targeted location, Uni pole ad can create brand awareness and leaves a strong impression on the audience
  • Uni poles mostly placed on highways and in high traffic areas can get huge engagement and reach for your brands.
  • They can be placed at strategically selected locations by brand owners to get targeted audience to their business.
  • Uni poles have only single ad space when it occupies with your brand ad it conveys your brand authority.

Why Ikar?

  • Ikar is a leading outdoor advertising agency in Hyderabad offering all types of ooh media formats of advertising for your brands.
  • We are here to make you choose the right medium of ad campaign to take on your competitors in the market with ease.
  • Our skilled team with new strategies will analyse your business requirements and marketing goals and implement campaigns to improve your brand awareness and ROI.
  • For 20+ years in Outdoor market, we were offering cost-effective solutions for our clients in all ooh ad formats.
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