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Outdoor Advertising Over Digital Advertising

  • Whatever companies do to improve their business, advertising is the most important part of business strategy to grow in the market.
  • It is impossible to occupy space in the competitive market without advertising your product or business.
  • It continues to grow from offline to online advertising with different business strategies.
  • Newspaper ads and television ads were the most commonly used mediums after billboard ads.
  • With the launch of high-speed internet and an increase in mobile usage new advertising strategy which is digital advertising came into play.
  • Many social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Linked has become a platform for commerce dealings.

what is Outdoor advertising?

  • Promoting your business on Out of home mediums like billboards, Transit media, and Signboards, etc to reach your audience is known as outdoor advertising.
  • With innovative steps like digital billboards and Mobile media ads, Outdoor advertising has increased to the next level.

What is Digital Advertising?

  • Promoting your business on the internet with different platforms like Search engine, Social media, E-mail marketing to reach your audience is known as digital advertising.
  • In India, there is an exponential increase in spending amount on digital marketing with new digital trends .

Why you have to choose outdoor advertising over digital advertising?

For any successful ad campaign whether it is traditional or digital advertising we have to consider some key performance indicators like Reach, Engagement and ROI.


  • We can’t deny that online marketing has evolved into many forms but outdoor advertising never stopped by the companies due to its confirm reach into the audience.
  • They can’t be skipped by a click, due to their huge size you can’t avoid looking at billboards or hoardings displayed by an ad.
  • With their attractive designs, they leave a long-lasting impression even at a glance.


  • For online advertising Ad-blocking software has become a hurdle for displaying an ad. When a user installs it on a web browser it will block all the ads from the site.
  • According to a study, 60% of PC users use ad blockers.
  • More people spend their time out of the home where you can display your ads with a unique strategy and placing your ad at targeted locations your brands can have high engagement.


  • When a customer sees a billboard ad of shoes near the mall, he will directly visit the store to purchase so there is a high response of action.
  • Adblocker for online advertisers creating much impact on their ad spends on social media, PPC campaigns by reaching their audience.
  • Though the amount spent on outdoor ads is a little high it gives you confirm reach, engagement, and ROI.


  • To improve your business always plan a strategy to target audience both traditional and online to reach your business goals.
  • For more information on Outdoor advertising and for assistance please reach our team.

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