• Transit advertising is a method of placing your ads on modes of transportation like Buses, Trains, Cabs, etc…
  • The main theme of transit advertising is to reach outdoor and traveling audiences with huge dwell time.
  • It has proven as the best way to convey your short story as it can’t be ignored by the audience sitting in front of your ad.
  • Bus advertising is an effective channel of transit advertising as huge people in India use the bus as their main source to travel.
  • You can reach a huge number of audiences like students, job professionals, business people as they use the bus service to travel daily. Your ad is placed In front of a sitting audience for a long time can’t be ignored and gets high impressions.
  • Your brands can get brand awareness as the bus travels through different areas where thousands of people can view your ad.
  • If you want to reach your targeted audience for your business at affordable cost, Bus advertisement is a great platform.

why Ikar?

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